Why did the ER doctor say I was fine and I'm still in pain?

Emergency Departments are just that: to treat you in case of an emergency, life-threatening event. When they do imaging, such as X-Rays, the radiologists are looking for things that could be life-threatening. Most typically, they are looking for fractures that might have come from the accident that could be directly affecting your nervous system. It is very important for your health to have a properly functioning nervous system. In a nutshell, unless you are about to die and require surgical intervention, the emergency department is NOT equipped to help you. They will typically prescribe pain medications and muscle relaxers.

Chiropractors, on the other hand, diagnose and treat injuries to the structure and alignment of your spinal column and extremities. We are masters of soft tissue injuries and cut the time you are in pain drastically. Even if you are not feeling pain, injury to these soft tissues (discs, ligaments, and tendons) are best treated in a chiropractic office. At Liringis Chiropractic, we have an X-Ray unit here and rule out life-threatening emergencies before treatment. Unlike the ER, we won't make you wait hours and charge you for greatly overpriced care.