Education differences of Medical Doctor (MD) vs. Chiropractic Doctor (DC)

The educational requirements for chiropractic doctors are among the most rigorous of all healthcare professionals. Our doctors were required to pass a series of four national board exams and also be licensed in North Carolina. Both an MD and DC attend school for eight years. The first six years of medical school are alike for both professions. Then during the last two years MD learns about drugs and medication, while the chiropractor receives in-depth training in reading x-rays (far more than just broken bones).  Why did the ER doctor say I was fine and I’m still in pain?



We have further enhanced our already strict cleaning and safety procedures:

Front Desk.  We are constantly sanitizing our hard surface areas and chairs after every patient coming through the doors

Check-In Area – Our team will check you in.  All you have to do is wait to be assigned to a table and lay down.  Our equipment is sanitized after each use.

Waiting Area – we have spread out the chairs in the office to maintain a social distance .  All chairs are sanitized after every patient.

Healing Area – We are sanitizing all tables and hard surface areas after every patient

Hand sanitizers are located throughout the office

Gloves are worn by all staff members

As we continue to respond to the ever-changing environment around COVID-19, the safety of our patients, staff and doctor is our highest priority.  As we navigate this situation, LCC is relying on guidance from national and local associations and healthcare organizations to direct our actions.  As a result, LCC is open and we remain committed to the well being of our patients.

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