Treating Injuries after a Car Accident

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October 16, 2018
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Treating Injuries after a Car Accident

Treating Injuries after a Car Accident

It is said that any car accident you can walk away from is a good one, but just because you can walk away that does not mean you are walking away injury free. A sudden stop from just about any speed causes the vehicle to lurch, and momentum continues to affect anything within the vehicle. This is what gives you the feeling of being pushed forward even though the car has stopped. Generally your seatbelt is the safety restraint that prevents you from further injury, however, it is still possible to be injured by this life saving device, suffering a condition commonly known as whiplash.

Among the various treatment options available chiropractic care is recognized by many insurance companies, which has helped validate a practice that many have already come to appreciate. Through attention to spinal alignment adjustments are made by a chiropractor to restore the body’s natural functionality. The techniques used in this practice are pain free, meant to minimize the need for pain management medications or eliminate them all together.

A complete examination following an accident is recommended regardless of the severity of the incident. Why take a chance – call Liringis Chiropractic FIRST before dealing with adjusters or attorneys.  Use our vast knowledge in the treatment and documentation of soft tissue injuries to your advantage.

Liringis Chiropractic has successfully treated thousands of patients.  Benefits range from improved mobility, relief from neck and back pain, and general improvement in overall health. At Liringis Chiropractic our personable and professional staff is prepared to address a variety of issues, including those related to car accident with pain free techniques. Call us in Greensboro at (336) 299-3230 or in Winston-Salem at (336) 768-1004.




We have further enhanced our already strict cleaning and safety procedures:

Front Desk.  We are constantly sanitizing our hard surface areas and chairs after every patient coming through the doors

Check-In Area – Our team will check you in.  All you have to do is wait to be assigned to a table and lay down.  Our equipment is sanitized after each use.

Waiting Area – we have spread out the chairs in the office to maintain a social distance .  All chairs are sanitized after every patient.

Healing Area – We are sanitizing all tables and hard surface areas after every patient

Hand sanitizers are located throughout the office

Gloves are worn by all staff members

As we continue to respond to the ever-changing environment around COVID-19, the safety of our patients, staff and doctor is our highest priority.  As we navigate this situation, LCC is relying on guidance from national and local associations and healthcare organizations to direct our actions.  As a result, LCC is open and we remain committed to the well being of our patients.

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