My husband and I have been going for about two weeks and we are amazed with the feeling of comfort. The staff is awesome! Thanks for everything.

Treasa McFadden

Great Doctors and staff to always helpAwesome chiropractor! Really understands his patients!


Mean tratado con mucha amabilida muy bienamucho carino y respeto.” = “They have treated me very nicely, very caring and with respect.

Mancela F.

This was my second pregnancy had was having extremely Low Back Pain. My first pregnancy was pretty easy compared to this one. Someone suggested chiropractic care to me, in which I was pretty reluctant at first because I was pregnant. I did some research and found out that chiropractic care was safe and can help with pregnancies. I begun to see Dr. Bowman for my Low Back Pain and found that it helped tremendously and my birthing process was easier than the first baby. I still continue to see Dr. Bowman once a month for maintenance chiropractic treatments.

Susan H.

They have helped me to be comfortable and they helped me feel straightened out on my back and they have made me feel comfortable.

Wings Michael G.

Dr. Steve was outstanding! This was my first time at a chiropractor and I’m definitely satisfied with my treatment and how my pain got resolved. Everyone was very nice and made me feel very welcomed. I would recommend liringis chiropractic to anyone.

Christine Gibson

The treatment has been great. The employees are polite and friendly. Hopefully, the treatment will be effective.

Sylvia S.

Been coming to Liringis for almost 15 years now. LOVE THEM. I’m not a pill popper so they are the best fix for me.

Tammie Carswell

Dr. Steve has really helped me with my back pain. I know I can always count on him to fix me up! Thank you Dr. Steve!

Johnny Bennett

Lirinings Chiropractic has helped me recover from a car accident. I had a lot of stiffness in my neck. My upper and lower back was giving me problems and they worked a lot of magic.

Yolanda M.

Since I’ve been coming to Lirinigis Chiropractic I have felt better physicaly and mentally. My pain level has lowered. Being met by a friendly smile and pleasant attitude helps me make it through my day. Thank you Macitza and Dr. Steve for all of your help.

Scott P.

I am a professional cyclist who enjoys competing. I felt as if my body never seemed to reach its optimal performance during my races. I was told that chiropractic car can help keep the body aligned and can help the body avoid any future injuries. I decided to give chiropractic a try. I begun seeing Dr. Bowman on a 3 times a week bases (sometimes more if I have any races) until we reached our optimal goal of once a month. From there, I noticed I was not only avoiding any future injuries, but my immune system had boosted.

Kevin C.

I always thought meds would be the only way for pain to go away until now. My headaches have been lifted and gone away. Being confused and anxious has been reduced to merely none. To come in pain and leave out feeling completely better has to also do with the smiles and friendly staff.

Malbe M.