About Dr. Steve Liringis aka Dr. Steve

Dr. Steve Liringis aka Dr. Steve became interested in chiropractic care at a young age, after sustaining a neck injury while playing football. The pain was unrelenting until a friend, who was already studying chiropractic care, adjusted his neck.

Dr. Steve immediately realized the benefits of chiropractic and decided to share his personal experience with others. He was admitted to Logan College of Chiropractic and graduated in 1979 as a Doctor of Chiropractic. He has been practicing chiropractic care in Winston-Salem since that time.
Dr. Liringis knows first-hand and through his nearly 40 years in practice the restorative pain relief that conservative, thoughtful chiropractic care provides. His mission over the last four decades has been to help his patients function and live pain-free so that they can return to unencumbered work and an active lifestyle without the need for invasive medical treatment or dangerously addictive narcotic medication. Over these many years, he and Liringis Chiropractic have built a reputation as one of the most reputable, trustworthy chiropractic practices in the Triad.

Dr. Liringis aka "Dr. Steve" enjoys spending time with his wife, Lisa; being on the golf course or working in his yard; and playing with his three dogs (Basenji's) Mopar, Maverick and Stavlos - affectionately known as "Mr. Stevie." He also likes dancing and earned the nickname "Mr. Motown" in his younger years. He is also a big Carolina Panther fan.

About Dr. John Robinson

Dr. John graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco Bay area. He originally became interested in physical medicine while working as a PT Aide while he was studying at the University of Kentucky. He liked interacting and seeing patients improve after surgery and never forgot his experiences working in the hospital. He was also introduced to many kinds of rehabilitation procedures and equipment.

He was in private practice for 10 years before joining the team at Liringis Chiropractic. He primarily worked in fitness centers in the Triad. This gave him experience seeing many different types of injuries, including sports and car accident injuries (sprain/strain) of the spine, hips, shoulders, knees, elbows and ankles. He is well versed in Active Release methods, kinesiotaping, trigger point therapy, nutritional counseling, supplement recommendations for health and well-being.
Dr. John is particularly concerned about the current opioid crisis that is gripping our community, and the lack of empathy those suffering from addiction face when they come for help. He is actively seeking patients who are having trouble managing pain that might better be managed by aligning the spine and letting the body heal itself. In his spare time, he and his family like to go swimming, amusement parks, camping, hiking and taking his Jack Russell (Winston) and Beagle (Salem) nearly everywhere they go. He also sponsored and played in a local coed softball team for several years.

Dr. John looks forward to meeting your healthcare and injury needs and wants you to get well and stay well. If you would like to find out how Dr. John might help you, please feel free to call the office at (336)768-1004.